2-Cell& 3-Cell Lipo Battery Balance Charger

The Traxxas 2-Cell / 3-Cell LiPo Balance Charger allows for easy, convenient charging of Traxxas Power Cell LiPo packs. Simply plug the charger into an AC outlet, plug your Power Cell LiPo battery packs balance plug into the charger, and charging begins with no settings or programming required. Each cell is charged individually for a perfectly balanced charge, guaranteeing maximum run time, performance, and cycle life. The status LEDs confirm how many cells are charging, and tell you when charging is complete.The chargers fixed 800mAh output makes it an inexpensive, ideal solution for charging Traxxas 1400mAh (#2823) and 2200mAh (#2820) Power Cell LiPo batteries. Plug several into a power strip and these chargers are super convenient for charging higher-capacity LiPo packs when fast charging is not required. Not for use with NiMH batteries.