Arctic Hobby 1:12 scale Radio Control Land Rider 507 R/C Remote

Land Rider 507 is a remote-controlled toy, a 1:12 scale excavator with realistic design. The little construction worker in the family will for sure enjoy outdoor digging adventures. Tow this construction vehicle to the sandbox for simulation of real construction projects!

Flexible and Operational

Rolling on its rubber tread, the Land Rider 507 is able to drive on all kinds of terrain. The body of the cab can rotate 360°, while the boom can be moved up/down and forward/backward. The bucket itself can also move forward/backward as well for raising and dumping material from one place to another. Be a real excavator digger and let it do all the hard work for building your magnificent sandcastles!

Fully Assembled

The Land Rider 507 comes fully assembled. Let your little ones move dirt or sand from one area to another just like real construction workers!

Multiple Function Radio-Control Remote

Controlled with a two-channel transmitter with six function keys, the operating range is about 15 meters. Maneuvering this construction loader is very simple. Those buttons control the lifts, drops and rotates the shovel arm just like the real thing.

Technial Data

Limited Warranty: 2 years
Dimensions (Product):743 L x 222 W x 490 H mm
Battery:7.2V NiMH (included with purchase)
Transmitter Battery: 9V Block Alkaline (not included)
Weight: 3.84 kg
Charger: 7.2V

Charging Time(hr):5

Note: For best performance of the battery, it is advised to drain it completely before charging.
The charger doesnt have overcharge control capability; it’ll not automatically switch off when the battery is fully charged. Please follow the charging time accordingly

Arctic Hobby 1:12 scale Radio Control Land Rider 507 R/C Remote Controlled with 360° Rotating Cab & Steerable Boom & Bucket

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