BEC 3A for 2S-6S LiPo Batteries

This is the ElectriFly 3A BEC for 2S – 6S LiPo Batteries. / / **Additional Technical Info Will Be Added When It Becomes Available.** / / FEATURES: Designed to power the receiver in a model airplane in two different / configurations- / Primary intended use is as a 3 amp voltage regulator by plugging the / receiver LiPo battery into the Deans connector on the BEC and then / into the battery channel on receiver / Can also be used in a three-way connection with the ESC/LiPo to / eliminate the need to add a battery for the receiver, Parallel / Deans Connector required (GPMM3141) / 5V or 6V selector allows use of smaller servos limited to 5V / 180 day limited warranty, USA and Canada only / / INCLUDES: ElectriFly 3A BEC (battery eliminator circuit) for 2S-6S LiPo / Batteries and instructions / / REQUIRES: Connecting between receiver and battery following instruction sheet / / SPECS: Battery Type: 2 – 6S LiPo (7.4V – 22.2V) / 6 – 18C NiMH/NiCd (7.2V – 21.6V) / Max Constant Current: 3 amps / Selectable Output Voltage: 5 – 6V / Weight: 0.28oz (8g) / / jxs 01/16/09