Cessna 782 Electric 2 Ch Infrared Remote Control RC Biplane

What so good about a “Biplane” ?

This is a “Biplane”, means it has “Two Main Wings” on the fuselage, the Wright brothers’ Wright Flyer used a biplane design, as did most aircraft in the early years of aviation. A biplane wing structure has a structural advantage, it produces more lift than a similar monoplane wing, so you don’t have to give much throttle and it will stay in the air. We receommend this Biplane to beginners over the mono-wing plane, becuase it flies slower.

By moving the Throttle from 10% to 100%, you can easily control the plane elevation rate, you can make a perfect horizontal flying by just giving 10% throttle, or climb rapidly by pushing the throttle to 100%, very simple aerobatic theory and proven effective. The Bank Left and Bank Right will make one of the motors spin faster or slower, so you get the plane to turn left or right, also clever and effective design.

Almost indestructible from crashing

The plane is very durable, making it great for any players, even kids. It is made of EPO foam, a commonly used material in RC plane models, it is very light weight and flexible, feels like rubber, but without the weight. We tested the plane by droping from 3 stories high, the plane body remains intacted, just some scratch on the nose.

BiPlane TW 782 Radio Control Indoor RC Plane Specifications:

Total Weight: 9.0g
Total Length: 190mm
Wing Span: 180mm
Time in flight: 8-12 min

Package Includes:
Gilder Body x 1
Transmitter x 1
Manual x 1
Extra! Spare Propeller x 2

Cessna 782 Electric 2 Ch Infrared Remote Control RC Biplane Airplane RTF (Colors Vary)