H102 Velocity Remote Control Boat for Pool

The H102 Velocity is an incredibly fast remote control boat with an array of features that set it apart from other remote controlled boats, including a large-prop motor that pushes our new RC boats to a whopping 20+ MPH!

MAKE MONSTER WAKES AT 20+ EM-PEE-H! Know a remote boat that goes faster at this price? If so, buy it because it must be the best RC boat of the bunch!

HIT HIGH SPEEDS WITH HIGH-TECH SPEED BOAT GEAR. Let ‘er rip and watch the foam fly as the Venom’s powerful large-prop motor puts the “speed” in remote speed boat.

GET DETAILED NAV INPUT ON THE LCD SCREEN. This is a racing RC boat with remote control LCD upgrades that include signal and power displays, trim adjustment and Left/Right Throttle Switch Mode.

FLIP YOUR BOAT? JUST USE THE REMOTE. How many boats for pools and lakes have Capsize Recovery Mode? Enjoy advanced speed boat remote control – the Velocity makes it easy to keep cruisin’.

THIS IS ONE TOUGH LAKE/POOL RC BOAT! Our double-hatch design improves water resistance; great for any pool remote control boat you want to take into wavier water.

SAIL SAFER WITH EMERGENCY STOP CAPABILITY. Stop this electric RC boat in its wake with Emergency Stop – special tech helps keep it in place better than other remote control boats.

THIS KIDS RC BOAT IS EASY TO CAPTAIN. The Velocity is easier to control than many remote boats, which makes it great for kids aged 14+

(This Force1 electric remote control boat for pool and lake racing is for freshwater use only; recommended for ages 14+)

•Velocity High-Speed RC Boat
•2.4 GHz Transmitter (Remote Control)
•2 x 7.4v 1000mAh Li-Po Battery
•USB Charging Cable
•Spare Propeller
•Boat Lubrication
•Boat Tool
•User Manual

H102 Velocity Remote Control Boat for Pool & Outdoor Use – RC Racing Boat with Remote Control; Force1 High-Speed Series RC Boats for Adults & Kids + Bonus Battery (Limited Edition Blue)