Challenger Amphibious Stunt Panzer Striker RC Tank R/C Boat

Challenger Amphibious Stunt Panzer Striker RC Tank R/C Boat
– Function: amphibious, stop, forward, backward, turn left, turn right, spins
– Driving on floors, dirt, pavement, ice, snow, sand, & WATER
– All driving wheels suspension system
– 2-level forward speed control
– Equipped with high gripping caterpillar
– Turret can turn sides
– Dual 260 type motors
– Speed: 7-12 mph
– Able to climb a 60 degrees incline
– Multi-actions controllable by the controller
– Playing time: up to 60 minutes
– Control range: 100 feet
– Ready to Run
– Dimension: 12″L x 7″W x 6″H

Venom GPV – 1 Ch 1 R/C Motorcycle – Rtr In White

Merging the design philosophies of real world GP race bikes and radio controlled models, the GPV-1 features a combination of scale realism with composite materials and high performance handling.  The GPV-1 is designed around a hybrid carbon-glass chassis structure that offers fine-tuning of suspension while lending a compact, low center of gravity for easy handling.  Experts and beginners alike will be able to immediately take control of the motorcycle and drive it with confidence.  The detailed body work and rider will grab your attention and turn heads at the track, but it is what’s “under the hood” so to speak, that makes the bike impressive. 


Length – 265mm
Width – 75mm w/o guide wires
Height – 190mm
Weight – 700g (approx)
Front Wheel – 57.5mm X 16.0mm
Rear Wheel – 62.5mm X 19.0mm
Front Tire – 17.0mm X 10.5mm X 57.5mm
Rear Tire – 23.0 mm X 12.5mm X 62.5mm
Tire Compounds – V1/V3/V5 (S-H) – V5 standard
Material – Proprietary Venom Racing compounds

Chassis Material – Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Composite Plate – standard
Rake Angle – adjustable, 64/66/69 degrees – standard
Wheelbase – adjustable, 182/185/188 standard/190/193 – Adjustment only with Race Chassis Kit
Adjustable Ride Height – F/R
Adjustable Down Stop – Rear
Steering Damper System – Dual Dampers with O-rings, adjustable spring tension, 3 position pivot point adjustment
Max Lean Angle – 38 degrees

Radio – VR3T FM 3 Channel PPM Computerized system with mixing and 15 model memory
Battery – 6 cell 7.2V 1200mah NiMH pack
Motor – Micro Fireball 370 brushed motor
ESC – brushed, no LVCO

Top Speed – 25mph
Minimum Design Turning Radius – 32in
Minimum Practical Turning

Carbon Fiber Training Gear Set: BMCX/MSR

Carbon Fiber Training Gear Set: BMCX/MSR

Simba Bella Luisa Radio Control Boat