STA-BRITE SBSK Silver Solder 3/64 1/2 oz STAR2000 by Stay-Brite

This is 3/64″ Diameter 1/2oz Silver Solder with 1/2 oz Flux from Stay-Brite. FEATURES: Five times stronger than ordinary solder with tensile strength of 10, 000-25, 000 pounds per square inch. Will stretch under high pressure, but not break under constant stressand is vibration-resistant. Conducts electricity better. Lead free making it environmentally friendly Melts and flows at 430F, providing strength without distortion YOU WILL RECEIVE: One 3/64″ Diameter, 1/2oz Silver Solder Coiled One 1/2oz Bottle of Flux One Instruction Sheet One Clear Plastic Storage Canister with White Lid ir/jlCOMMENTS: NOT for use with electronic applications &