Blade mCP X V2 BNF (Transmitter not Included)

The Blade mCP X V2 is the lightest flybarless collective pitch helicopter in its class. It is half the weight of the nearest competition which results in advanced performance, indoors and outdoors.

Jmt Wl V911 Quick-wear Accessory Full Kit:

•1 x Canopy
•2 x Main Blades
•1 x Tail Blade
•2 x Connecting Buckle
•1 x Balance Bar
•1 x Gear
•1 x Helicopter Stand
•1 x Tail Backing Bar
•1 x Inner Shaft
•1 x Tail Motor Seat
•1 x Boom Pipe
•2 x Turntable Cover Swashplate
•1 x Balance Stabilizer
•1 x Other Accessories

Jmt Wl V911 Quick-wear Accessory Full Kit: Canopy+blade+connecting Parts+landing Skid

Toys Agency G-Maxtec 860 Quadcopter – aerial camera components

insert the TF memory card in to the videography module.
fix the videography module on to the bottom of the helicopter by screwsIt can take still photos or video and plugs right into the G-Maxtec board
remote control to take photos
2GB microSD card for the camera

Parrot Ar.drone 2.0 Upgrade 2500mah Li-po Battery Large Capacity

* 100% Brandnew!
* For Heli model:Iphone Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Helicopter.
* Dimension:71*37*37mm.
* Voltage:11.1V,Discharge Rate:20C
* Capacity:2500mAh,Lasting flight Over 20 Minutes,we have test over 100times! (Skillful player may got longer!)
* Weight:166g(This weight is not a trouble,earn more fly time is the most!)