Jmt Wl V911 Quick-wear Accessory Full Kit:

•1 x Canopy
•2 x Main Blades
•1 x Tail Blade
•2 x Connecting Buckle
•1 x Balance Bar
•1 x Gear
•1 x Helicopter Stand
•1 x Tail Backing Bar
•1 x Inner Shaft
•1 x Tail Motor Seat
•1 x Boom Pipe
•2 x Turntable Cover Swashplate
•1 x Balance Stabilizer
•1 x Other Accessories

Jmt Wl V911 Quick-wear Accessory Full Kit: Canopy+blade+connecting Parts+landing Skid

Parrot Ar.drone 2.0 Upgrade 2500mah Li-po Battery Large Capacity

* 100% Brandnew!
* For Heli model:Iphone Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Helicopter.
* Dimension:71*37*37mm.
* Voltage:11.1V,Discharge Rate:20C
* Capacity:2500mAh,Lasting flight Over 20 Minutes,we have test over 100times! (Skillful player may got longer!)
* Weight:166g(This weight is not a trouble,earn more fly time is the most!)